How to control 2 pin LED strip (non-addressable or rgb)

Hi I'm looking to control a LED Strip (like this one), it only has 2 pins +/-. I'd like to be able to adjust brightness (pwm) and turn it on and off. The thing I'm not sure about is how to connect the MOSFETS (and everything else) for power driving. Do I just connect 1 to the positive side?

Also I'm using an ESP8266 the principle is similar for arduino.

Any help would be much appreciated!

You connect the anode (positive) of the LED strip to the positive of the power supply.
You connect the source of an N channel MOSFET to the negative of the supply and the drain of the MOSFET to the cathode (negative) of the LEDs.
Ground of the ESP8266 to the source, output pin to gate. Use a logic level MOSFET.

If you need some "ready to go" solution, search for the H801 RGBW Wifi LED Controler. It is an ESP8266 with 5 channel PWM in a box. You just need to solder some headers and than you can program it like a generic ESP8266 module. On my page you can find more information on the H801: [url][/url]


Awesome, thanks so much! Do you think an N channel MOSFET like this one would work well?

Thanks for the suggestion, looks like a good solution, except my microcontroller is already part of another circuit.

That's a USB panel mount, not a MOSFET :slight_smile:

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Oops, not sure how that happened. I meant something like this one:

You need a logic level MOSFET, they can usually be identified by an L in the part number. Maybe IRL530 (I have not checked the specification to see if it meets your requirements)

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