How to control 4 separate servos at a time using Arduino UNO

Could be easier to use a WeMos D1 mini (WiFi board) to drive that 16-channel PCA9685 board.

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@wildbill Yeah, Ok I will try :grinning:

@UKHeliBob Yes, it will be easy to parse data
I will program the app to send string like that.
Thank You For The Idea :grinning:

@johnwasser Yes UNO it can control up to 12 servos but UNO cannot power even 4 servos properly

@Wawa Yeah, It would be easy
Thank You :grinning:

You asked about control, not power. For power, figure 1 Amp per servo. Usually 4.5V to 6V but the specifications for your servos should say. Most people use 5V. Connect the + side to the servos and the - side to the servos and Arduino Ground.

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