How to control 4 separate servos at a time using Arduino UNO

Hi, Everyone I am B.S.S.SRIKAR
I have a plan to make a robot which 4 servo
but I don't know how 1 Arduino Uno can control 4 servos in a way which is simple, Can anyone please me as soon as possible.
Thank You :grinning: :grinning:

Do you know how to control 1 servo ?
Do you know how to use an array ?
Could you declare an array of servos ?
What do you mean by "simple" ?

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Well, there may be various versions of that.

But consider this accessory board:

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@Paul_B What is this board, I've never seen it.
Can you please tell me for what it is used...
But, it looks cool

@UKHeliBob I only know:
~what is simple
~How to control 1 servo visit my servo explanation video

I don't know
~how to use an array ?
~declaring an array of servos ?

It is used for any of a number of applications. It can control 16 PWM outputs to light LEDs or with proper switching FETs, control motors.

It can control up to 16 servos - that is what the 16 3-pin servo connectors are for.

You connect it to your UNO (not the best board for the purpose - a Nano is more appropriate) by the two IĀ²C pins and using the corresponding library, set the timing for each of the servos. The UNO/ Nano does not have to do anything else; it can even go to sleep if it needed to.

Very cool, fairly cheap and makes the job pretty simple for up to 16 servos.

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Oh ok Thank You :grinning: :grinning:

You sound very young but I was not impressed with how you controlled the servo in your video

  • an Arduino pin can only supply a limited amount of current
  • taking too much current from a pin may damage the Arduino
  • the battery used cannot supply enough current to run a Uno and a servo for very long
  • MalwareBytes says that the site you to linked to is a phishing risk

In what way do you want to control 4 servos ? What will control their positions ?

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Yes, I am really young I am 10 years old and interested in Robotics from 3 years

I've learned these both from you

Yes one time Arduino didn't get sufficient amount of power and servo did not run on battery.

This is not true I think so...

I didn't get you, can you please explain me

Arduino will control their positions

Then you have done quite well so far

If the robot has 4 servos then what do you want them to do ?

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1 servo is for right hand :raised_hand:
2nd servo is for left hand :raised_hand:
3rd servo is for moving the body at the hip
4th servo is to move the head acts as a neck

How do you want to control their positions ?
Possibly with potentiometers

If not, then how ?

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I want to control their positions through smartphone :iphone: app (I know how to develop apps)

So, if the app can send a value between 0 and 180 do you know how to receive it, perhaps using Bluetooth ?

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Yes, It send some value like ex
1801 for (180 degrees for servo1)
1002 for (100 degrees for servo2)
All these data is sent from our smartphone :iphone: via bluetooth

I suggest that you change what you send to make it easier to deal with. If you were to send say 1,123 for 123 degrees on servo 1 then it would be easy to parse out the 123, convert it to a byte and write it to servo 1

To make things even easier send the values with a start and end marker so that it looks like <1,123> That way it is much easier to deal with on the Arduino

Take a look at Serial input basics - updated for examples of receiving and parsing data

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Thank You So much for this Idea

Also, for your initial testing, you can use Serial instead of Bluetooth - the parsing code will be the same. Indeed, you can get started without any servos hooked up.

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Take a look at Serial input basics - updated

If you send a string like <1,123> then it would be easy to parse the data and move servo 1 to angle 123

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The UNO can control up to 12 servos. You control each servo the same way: Assign it a pin with servoName.attach(pin); Then call servoName.write(angle) to have the servo move to the specified angle (0 to 180).

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