How to control 8 stepper motors using Arduino MEGA

Hi, I am working on a 3d printed robotic arm project, I am going to use 8 motors (7 stepper motors and 1 servo motor), is there a way to control the 8 of them using an arduino MEGA 2560, if so, what material do I need?
I would aprecciate your help, thank you.

You need 8 drivers that match the unspecified motors.

Hi, thank you for your answer, i am using this motors:
2 Nema 23 Motor 2.8A
1 Nema 17 Motor 2A
1 Nema 17 Motor 1.7A
1 Nema 17 Motor 1.7A 1:5 GearBox
1 Nema 14 Motor 0.8A
1 Nema 14 Motor 0.45A
1 Servo Motor

What drivers did you recommend me to use?

Nema only specifies the dimension of the tightening screws and the hole pattern.
Nema 17 uses M3 screws, Nema 23 uses M4 screws......
Servo motor? I've got one, size 1 lbs and one sized 1000 lbs. Do You think they are handled by the same gear?

Go back to the drawing board!
This link will guide You: How to get the best out of this forum - Using Arduino / Project Guidance - Arduino Forum

I think the first questions are:

  1. how do you drive 1 stepper motor?
  2. how do you drive 1 servo motor?


Do your motors have feedback? i.e. encoders

You need to know the working voltage of the steppers. Then get a driver that supports both the voltage and current. has a variety of drivers suitable for most 3D printers:
Pololu - Stepper Motor Drivers

Some suggestions if your steppers are modern bipolar steppers.

THe TB6600 drivers are good for up to 4A coil current.

The DRV8825 is good for up to 2.2A with a heat sink and forced air cooling, 1.5A with no heat sink.

The DRV8825 or the A4988. The A4988 is good for up to 1A without heat sink and 1.5A with heat sink and forced air cooling.

The highest motor supply voltage that the driver will tolerate will give the most torque and speed for the steppers.

All of the stepper drivers mentioned above control the coil current so the voltage is largely irrelevant (except that each driver has a minimum and maximum voltages). It is imperative that the coil current setting is performed before the stepper is connected.

If a stepper will do its job, without missing steps, with less that the maximum coil current it and its driver will run cooler and last longer.

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