How To Control an Air Conditioner

Hi Guys,

As stated in the title of the post I want to use an arduino uno to control an A.C. in order to control the climate in a room. I've been doing some research on this and I am planning to use this relay to control it. The AC is rated for 1110 watts, so this should be able to handle the voltage. I also found that the AC had some warnings about making sure the power should be grounded to a single outlet. Is it feasible for me to control this AC with arduino using relays? If not are there any other ways to control it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

sorry, but the relay link did not work for me.

If I understand, you plan to control the main power to the unit ? Most air conditioners have all that switch gear in place and only need a very small relay to act like the thermostat.

for your programming you need to have some small bit of information about how an air conditioner works. as you probably know there is a compressor that compresses the freon. then a tiny pipe that the high pressure is pushed through to the large coil that allows the gas to expand..

your compressor should not be allowed to attempt to start until that pressure is allowed to reduce to near equilibrium on the input and output of the compressor. usually takes 5 minutes or so.

so, a reed relay should work fine, the Arduino should be easy to use as the control.

Also, you need to understand that temperature will swing a few degrees. do not try to maintain some constant temperature to one degree. allow it to over shoot and then adjust.

If your AC has an infrared remote control, that would be the easiest/safest way to approach it.

You could send the IR signals from the Arduino.

I don't believe it does unfortunately.

I fixed the link in the OP. Thanks for your answer dave-in-nj you may have just saved an ac from repeated compression. As for the programming of the Arduino, I was planning on doing something similar to what you said; program it to overshoot and learn how to be most efficient.

Controlling an air conditioner is an easy job to do. But it becomes complected when looking to add some more functions by yourself. Make sure that you have user manual of such machine to add some new feature. Connectivity check must be your first preference.