How to control my ROBOT using remote?

I have designed a robot with 4 wheels. Each 2 wheels are connected with L298N and L298N is connected with Arduino Mega. I hope everyone is familiar with L298N, it is H-bridge, used to control the two wheels.

Now I want to control them using a remote? I have never done this, so can anyone help me with this? How can I do it? Do I need to buy any module?

Once I control the wheels with remote, I would use this remote to control the robotic arm as well.

Thank you.

Gonna give you some links:




I’ts up to you if you want to buy some modules or just use a random remote control read each button
with a IR Receiver and program each button to do your task.

You can buy this 3pin IR Receiver cost about 0.10c $

find a arduino library that can read the IR remote and your done. Hope you know what to do next.


You could also control your Robot by using another Arduino to send it data wirelessly using a pair of nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceivers.

The pair of programs in this link are derived from programs I use for controlling model trains.


Thanks for the response @Robin & @Domino!

One question, does Infrared receivers have ability to work on long distance? I want to use my robot with RF remote from atleast 50-100m? Do you think they will appropiate?

I doubt if IR would be effective at those distances. It is usually used indoors.

The nRF24s should work over that distance outdoors with no obstructions. You can also get high-power versions with external antennas for longer range.

I tested my nRF24s (with the PCB antenna) outdoors recently and they were still working at 110m range. I could not try a longer range because I could not see if the motor was rotating.


I will agree with Robin2 the IR works maximum at 10~15 meters I know that because as a kid in my neighborhood we took universal remotes and we start changing channels in people houses or shops :D and you need always to point the IR in your robot direction.

if you want bigger range a nRF24L01 pcb antenna will do the job, btw Robin2 I tested the nRF24.. PCB antenna and the maximum range I got was 140 meters.

Btw OP remember if you want to control your robot between obstacles, big range like 15+ meters I would suggest you the nRF24 PA with the 2db antenna, the small nRF24 doesn't like obstacles in big ranges, even a human in between can cut the signal, I tested that.

So if you want:

5~10meters = IR remote. 10~140meters = nRF24L01 (no obstacles in big ranges) 140~1000meters = nRF24L01 PA 2db antenna

You chose :)


Thanks guys once again for explaining me. As I mentioned above, I never controlled anything wirelessly via a remote. So can you tell me how I can integrate "nRF24L01" & "nRF24L01 PA 2db antenna" with my arduino project? How will I be able to design a remote with them which controls the movement of my robot? Kindly let me know.

Sorry for asking so many questions.. :(

So can you tell me how I can integrate “nRF24L01” & “nRF24L01 PA 2db antenna” with my arduino project?

Have you studied the code in the link I gave you in Reply #2. You will see that it the master sends data to the slave and the slave sends data back. What the data represents is up to you :slight_smile: IIRC the examples just send 2 integers (4 bytes altogether) in each direction. The nRF24 can send up to 32 bytes in each message - which is probably more than you will need.