How to control servos with potentiometers wirelessly using the nRF24L01 ?

I am trying to do the knob example except with 6 potentiometers and 6 servos. I am also trying to make it wireless using the nRF24L01. So I know one arduino would have one nRF24L01 connected to it with all the potentiometers and the other arduino would have another nRF24L01 connected to it with all of the servos. I am using 2 arduino unos. I have absolutely no clue how to send these multiple potentiometer values. I have found a few examples of how to send 1 value from one potentiometer to control one servo but none to fit my needs. I desperately need help with the code as well as the wiring (the code is more crucial however). Wiring wise, this is what I have come up with so far (see attached picture). Please if anyone can provide me with any of these I would be really grateful.

I got my nRF24s working with this Tutorial

I suggest you use the TMRh20 version of the RF24 library - it solves some problems from the ManiacBug version

The pair of programs in this link may be useful. It should be straightforward to extend them to send and receive the data for your servos.