How to correctly amplify a low power audio signal signal


Im currently working on a project and am looking for a way to amplify a signal that I have for a small 1 (max 2) watt, 8 ohm speaker. The signal i currently have is 5V and (max) 0.15mA (max amplitude). I thus need to amplify my signal big time but I do not have much knowledge on the topic of audio amplification. Was looking into chips like the TEA2025B or PAM8406 but I there is so much info on those datasheets and I am having a hard time wrapping my head around all of it.

Can any of you help me out, or can explain what I need? I don’t mind whether they are mono, stereo or multichannel amplifiers, nor do i care about the size of the chips. Would just love to have some solution.

Thanks in advance!

There are several small audio amplifier modules like this one that are easy to wire up and will work well.

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Maybe that can help you Audio Amplifier on LM386

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Thanks a lot for the advice. Ordered one and gonna check how it works today! Will come back with some more info after that :slight_smile:

5V rms? peak-to-peak? or peak?

You may need to attenuate the signal first, as 5Vrms is already 3W if naively
amplified to high current into 8-ohm load. So a volume pot on the input
may be needed - however to select this you need an idea of the source

Most audio amps assume the input is line-level, ie 0.1 to 0.5Vrms sort of range,
and have voltage gain. Most audio amp chips have a minimum voltage gain
that’s substantially greater than unity.

Can you explain what this signal actually is?

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