how to create a list inside a menu while making GUI with nokia 5110 lcd

I made a GUI using nokia 5110 with arduino uno. With the code,we get a single menu item at a time on the whole display, when we select a function from the main menu.I want to create a menu list of subfuntions to be displayed when we select a function from the main menu.
thank you!

Fell free to do that, and post a picture of the result.

If you think you need help, post your code, in code tags, AS TEXT!

Here is the code for gui . Thank you for helping :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

code_gui_nokia5110.txt (10.3 KB)

I just about tossed my cookies seeing all those useless Strings, where perfectly good const char *s could be used, instead.

I really don’t understand what you are trying to do that the code doesn’t currently do.

If you explain, using terms in the code, perhaps it will become clear(er).

The code is made for the pupose of driving motors viz. dc motor,servo and stepper motor by selecting one of them through the gui. the problem is that when we select dc motor,for example, then “clockwise” appears on the screen. But I want that all the strings viz. “clockwise” , “anticlockwise” and “back” must appear in a form of list at once.Moreover i want to set the rpm of motor using the input taken from the user through rotary encoder.

code_gui_nokia5110.txt (10.3 KB)