How to create PCB for Arduino UNO R3 with "USB B type female" instead of serial

Hello, I'm a newbie in using Arduino and I am very excited after got my first Arduino board which is an Arduino UNO R3. Even before I got my Arduino I have been working on this project which is to control LED "ON/OFF" using php. The sketch and coding is all completed (which I tested on proteus)and working as I wanted even though there is still some bug (maybe)and I already tried on my Arduino UNO R3 which I recently got. And now the *point is I wanted to make a PCB for Arduino UNO R3 which is using Atmega328 with "breakout USB B type female" (maybe I got it wrong) instead of serial connector (like this one And instead of using "jumper" connection, I want to make permanent connection to the pin in used. Thanks

Thanks to admin help me moved this to the right topic.

Never mind just found the solution for this. From here Diavolino | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and here and here Thanks.