Create my own arduino

Hello all,

I have been interested in creating an Arduino copy and manufacturing it. Something like this:

If any of you could help me with finding plans on the website or something of that sort, that would be amazing! :smiley: Thank you!


Links to schematics and board layout about 1/2 way down the page.

What will you do different?


Thank you for replying so quickly! I am kinda new to this Arduino stuff, so I don’t have much experience. I couldn’t find the plans(again, shows how much of a newbie i am), so if you could give me a link that would be amazing.

One of my relatives wants to start a toy company overseas, and he asked me how to do it. I did some research and found the Arduino Uno, and it seems like a cool way to be able to sell a robot which can be both modified in design, and in programming. We are working on this design, and if we can produce a replica Arduino to sell along with our robot product, we could save money, as well as maybe add modifications for voice control and things like that(if possible).


Scroll down about 1/2 way down the page. There are brightly colored blocks with links to Eagle files and PDF files. Hard to miss. Eagle is available from
Free version will do 80x100mm cards, after that you need to upgrade to a paid version.
I have full Pro License for any size board design, and am available for hire, usually with 2-3 jobs ongoing at one time.