How to delete library

Hey there,
I had installed a library called Mozzi and have had all sorts of problems compiling so I wanted to delete that library and install a newer version. I also don’t get the library manager. The mozzi library does not show up when I do a search. It’s listed under “contributed” libraries and my sketch references it, but it’s not in the manager. Is this a bug?

To delete a library, go to your sketchbook folder and to the Libraries folder. Find the library that you want to delete and delete that folder. If you do not know where the sketchbook folder is, go to File, Preferences and the sketchbook location is shown at the very top of the page.

Using the library manager is always the best way to install a library, but not all libraries are available via the library manager. Here are alternative ways to install a library.

Thanks, got it sorted. It’s an odd system.

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