How to detect position is 3d space using 10DOF IMU

Hi, I am a computer science students and new towards arduino. For my project I need to track position and orientation of a gun in 3d space. I purchased a 10-dof IMU sensor (GY-87) to learn properly how to implement the solution of my problem. I am unable to find proper guidance due to lack of my knowledge in the field of electronics and Sensors. I found some good examples, but unable to implement it in arduino.

I am currently able to detect Yaw, Pitch and Roll from the Sensor, from which i can detect the proper orientation of my gun. But I cant find a way to calculate position(x,y,z).

I would be grateful to you if someonce can help me in this regards.

Thank you

P.S: I cant find much resources for GY-87, may be it is deprecated. But due to unavailability of resources in my country, I had to use this sensor.

You won't be able use that sensor to accurately track position in 3D. Here is an explanation for why you cannot (basically, they are too noisy). Note that there are numerical errors in Table 1.

Sad to hear. :( and can i detect the height accurately using 10-DOF IMU?

can i detect the height accurately using 10-DOF IMU?

What do you mean by "accurately"? A pressure sensor, if frequently and properly calibrated, gives altitude with about +/- 20 cm precision.