How to draw using graphics library for TFT Display Sinusodial Triangle Square?

I successfully installed driver for ILI9431 TFT Display driver and i im building currently GUI for my AD9851 waveform generator. So i need to build Sinusodial Triangle Square symbol so that i can display it nicely on TFT Display.

Here is picture of how it needs to look…i try using drawCirle to draw sinus but it gives me half circle with line…so i don’t know how to draw it using this library:

If someone can give me example or idea how to do it.


Use IrfanView or similar program on your PC to extract your icons and scale to the size you want. Save as a monochrome bitmap(s).

Then just use drawBitmap() to show on the screen.

If you wanted a real sinewave or a real triangle, just plot pixel by pixel. This is easier than f*rting about with Paint programs but not so easy when you want a stylised icon. (the sine icon is not sinusoidal !)