How to expand range of Doppler Sensor(HB100 breakout)

Hi guys!
I'm trying to use Doppler Sensor(HB100 breakout) to recognize the movement of any flying stuff by attaching it to CAN Satellite.
But I'm worried about Sensor will not recognize it delicately.
Also worried about the range of it.
Are there any methods to wide its range?
Please give me any advice to enhance the sensor. :slight_smile:

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Can you post links to the sensor please?
What is "CAN Satellite."?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

Are there any methods to wide its range?

No. The HB100 sensor is self contained and cannot be modified.

What is "CAN Satellite."?

I'm guessing this: ESA - What is a CanSat?

Ignoring the range problem, I would think doing Doppler motion detection from a moving platform without rather more sophisticated platform navigation and radar sensor is a non-starter. Also, it's unlikely the rules would allow launch if there were other airborne objects in the vicinity.

Very cool platform though.