How to make my library to appear in Arduino IDE Library Manager?

How to make my library to appear in Arduino IDE Library Manager?

Hi @SergeS. The instructions are here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you, seems like exactly what i need. Will try.

What does this error mean?
Repositary is here: GitHub - SergeSkor/SSVRGBGradientCalc: Simple class to calculate RGB Color Gradient based on FastLED library.

Aha, seems like release has not been created yet, that is why it failed.
Seems it has been added, thank you.
I have to just wait to appear it in the Library Manager, correct?

There are some warnings, will work on it later, I would like to see how it will appear.
Thank you again.

Great work on resolving the problem and achieving a successful submission!

That is correct. The bot message mentions "within a day" to accommodate a worst case scenario of unusual delays in index propagation through the CDN cache, but more likely it will only be a matter of an hour or two to wait. You can monitor the process through the logs URL provided by the bot when the PR was merged. That URL will be a 404 until the next time the indexer job runs. After that, you will have a dedicated web page showing the results of indexing every release of your library, including the Arduino Lint report if there were any errors or warnings.

Thanks for your attention to the best practices suggestions from the bot.

The one about the name value length is likely not something to worry about since you have already established the library under this name. But I think that resolving the others will provide nice enhancements to the library.

Yes, definitely I will resolve these warnings.
Thank you for your help with this.

Now, I am trying to add another library, and stuck with error: Missing sentence field in, see screenshot below. I am absolutely sure there is sentence field in that file, have checked multiple times... Have tried to re-type it, reformat, do some other dancing around - still error.

Can you give me any hint, what may be wrong?

I provided an explanation 25 minutes ago here:

I'd really appreciate it if you'd restrict yourself to a single pull request for each library submission. There is no need for creating a new pull request every time the checks fail and it makes a lot of work for me to clean up all the duplicates.

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Ops, got it, thank you!
I did not realize all my multiple unsuccessful attempts are visible for you :-(.

No worries. I'm glad to see it was successfully added now!

Yep, seems like it works, thank you again (and again!) for your help, I have never even think Arduino bot is existing and so helpful. And sorry for multiple pull requests, I have not realized I am littering and somebody needs to clean after me :-().

Coming back to my problem, just to clarify for myself... Is this correct if I say so:
If pull request failed, every time when I changed file, I have to update version and create release or tag in repository. After that, I have to mention Arduino bot in comments to process existing pull request again.

Is this correct sequence of actions?

That's correct. The bot checks out the newest Git tag in your repository, so it can only see the fixes once you have included them in a tag.

When using this approach, you might sometimes find that there are several issues that must be fixed each in turn, requiring you to go through this back and forth with the bot multiple times. That's a perfectly valid approach, and one the system was specifically designed to support. But it is a bit inefficient, especially if you are writing many libraries. So there is another, slightly more advanced, option available to you. The bot is using a tool named "Arduino Lint" to check your library for problems. Arduino Lint is free open source software that is available for anyone to use:

So if you like, you can run Arduino Lint on your library yourself to catch any problems before you make a release.

Even more advanced, is to set up an automated check on every change made to your library. We provide a tool for that also:

So there are various approaches available to you and you are welcome to pick the one that is most suitable to your own development style.

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