How to Measure the Fuel Pressure form Electronic Fuel Pump (common Japan Cars)

Hello Masters :slight_smile:

I have a final year project for my diploma degree, I want to build a device with arduino uno. The function is to measure the pressure of a fuel pump (in tank - electronic pump) on common japan cars : daihatsu, toyota, etc.
It will measures the pressure directly from outlet hose of the pump (not from the pressure regulator).

From the result of the pressure measurement so i can analyze the condition of the fuel pump (is the pump should be replaced or not).
and then, the result data will be printed out on a paper (i plan to use a thermal printer for arduino)

could you tell me what sensor i should use, please?
i found this sensor on online shop :
can i use it? or any better idea?

i'm glad if you could give me any suggestion for my better project.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

You can use that sensor, if you can mount it into the fuel valve, and if it has the right pressure range. Eventually you have to cut the valve and insert a fitting that allows to mount the sensor, or try to find a fitted sensor. This is a mechanical issue, not an Arduino one.

You can use analogRead() to obtain values from that sensor.

if i use a analog gauge (for analogRead), i can only read the pressure shown by the gauge but i can't print it out, right? and the main goal is the result from the measurement to be printed out. Just like a battery tester, you know?

the result is displayed on the digital screen, then print it out. And then the printed paper will be given to the car owner, to tell him/her that the pump is in good condition or shoud be replaced with the new one.

(this project is for automobile workshop / service.)

thanks for you advice DrDiettrich