how to plot graphics with U8G2 on 1.3"Oled display

i’m making a antennatester

after power up i say hello and check a anologue input(battery)
in the loop i check switches and check 2 analogue inputs
this is displayed and works

now i want to add a graphic
i set the frequency value. then i read a analogue input
i want to plot this value with u8g2.setpixel(x,y)
now i change the frequency and plot again (x,y+1)
so i hope to plot a line with x depending on analogread values

i made a fixed x-y axe (see picture)
how can i plot the values so that the x-y axes are still visible ?

thanks for reaction


AA_mini__OLED13_werk.ino (6.5 KB)

First off. Remove the red tab on your screen. Then you can see the screen properly.

Regarding your graph scale and plot. Calculate the range of values that you expect. e.g. REV, FWD values from reading A0, A1
And use map() to convert a VSWR value into an X, Y on your graph.



i played with


now i can plot my line