How to Power 3x 12V Relays

I am currently working out the electronics side of an automated drinks dispenser. It utilises 3x 12V air pumps which I intended to power using relays. However I am very new to this and am not sure the best way to go about supplying power to 3 separate relays. Is there a convenient way to supply the power to all 3 relays (and the arduino itself if at all possible) without having 4 power sources?

To clarify, all of the 12V outputs need to be individually controllable so couldn't run from a single relay (unless there's a way I'm missing).

Apologies if this is a dumb question.

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What more stuff than 3 pumps will need to be powered?
Airpumps for fluids?
What relays? Use relay modules.

Hi @jappleby
use 3 single opto isolated relay module.
Use that has 12V relay.

RV mineirin

I say: use the 5 volt module. Else 12 volt is needed to make the relay switch. I've got both versions and I've just been testing them.... The 12 volt relay doesn't switch powered by 5 volt. Powering with 12 volt forces the controller to sink 12 volts or supply 12 volts.

Why do you think you need relays.
Logic level mosfets (or mosfet modules) can directly switch the pumps.

... If we are ever given the specifications for said pumps. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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