How to read up to seven sensors MPU6050 in one arduino

Hello everyone, I've a project to interface more than two (actually seven) sensors MPU6050 in one arduino. I'm using arduino uno. Is it possible? or I must using arduino mega for this? I will read the whole data serially. Do I need another hardware like I2c multiplexer?

I need any suggestion, please help. thanks

See 9.2 of the MPU-6050 data sheet:
“The slave address of the MPU-60X0 is b110100X which is 7 bits long. The LSB bit of the 7 bit address is determined by the logic level on pin AD0. This allows two MPU-60X0s to be connected to the same I2C bus. When used in this configuration, the address of the one of the devices should be b1101000 (pin AD0 is logic low) and the address of the other should be b1101001 (pin AD0 is logic high).”
Use AD0 like a chip select line - keep it high to all devices and use addresss 0b1101000 with AD0 low for the one device you want to talk to,

The OP could use a 74LS138 or a CD4051 3 to 8 decoder to select the active sensor.