How to reset MKR board ?

I recently received my MKR1000 board, it worked fine for the first time but after sometime it is not getting connected to my device. Device manager doesn't show the com port for MKR board. I have tried double clicking the reset also. Is there any other method apart from double click the reset to reset the MKR so that its port appear on Arduino IDE. Thanks

Currently the "double tap reset" is the best option.

I found that I used that less after I updated the boards both with firmware update and with boards txt update.

To do the boards txtx update 1. Select Boards 2. Select Board Manager 3. In the "type" box select "Updatable" 4. Update any that are listed.

To do the firmware (my method)

  1. Select Sketch
  2. Select Include Libraries
  3. Manage Libraries
  4. Select Updateable in the Type box 5 Update any that are listed.

  5. Close the Library Manager

  6. Select Tools

  7. Select WiFi101 Firmware Updater

  8. Select the correct COM port for your MKR !

  9. Do a Test Connection.

  10. Select the correct firmware from the middle box.

  11. Hit the Update Firmware box.

  12. Optional update certificates and or add domain

My MKR's have been much more reliable since.

thanks.. it worked.

I tried to use Wifi101 Firmware Updater and test connection too.

But it showes the message "Programmer not responding".

Any help?

Hi jigyasa_singh

It seemed to work for the OP. Did you follow the steps properly ?

Another thing to check is that your USB cable is a proper "DATA" type and not just a charging type as there are two kinds.

Also AVOID using USB 3.0 and stick to USB 2.0 ports wherever possible and if you have to use USB 3.0 put a powered USB 2.0 hub between the ARduino and the Computer.