COM port is not appear in Arduino MKR WIFI 1010

Hello guys,
Well, this problem has really disappointed me and I would like to get out of this.
Practically the Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 board worked perfectly when I was loading some sketches for my recent projects and as a beginner in Arduino MKR, but after a certain moment I discovered that my Arduino MKW WIFI 1010 board did not work anymore. That is, the computer does not recognize it, the COM port does not appear in the "Device Manager", the Arduino IDE there is also no acknowledgment of the board's USB connection, the reset button does nothing and the CHRG LED (LED battery charge) blinks constantly and quickly, and that leads me to wonder:
Is the hardware locked? Is the microcontroller damaged? Does any component of the board not work? Does the battery charging circuit lock the board for safety? Bone are questions that I have no answers.
Therefore, I would like to know if someone could share some of their recommendations or tips to solve and repair the Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 Board. I know that many of your have had this problem, and I have also read a couple of Forums that give some alternatives, but many of those recommendations do not work. :frowning:
Honestly, I'm thinking of throwing away this "throw my dreams and illusions in the trash" if it doesn't have any solution :(: smiley-confuse:

Greetings to all, and I hope you can solve this and be able to share it with others :).

Hi bganazhapa,

Have you tried double tapping (two presses in quick succession) the board's reset button?

This places the board into bootloader mode. Thereafter you should be able to see and select a new COM port in the Arduino IDE's "Tools" menu and upload as normal.

If a sketch crashes, it can render the board unable auto reset and upload. Whenever this happens it's necessary to place it into bootloader mode, in order to recover.

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  • Did you try changing the USB cable?
  • What's the behaviour of double-tap on the board and check the behaviour of the board under the ports on the Device Manager again?
  • Did you try connecting the board to different computer and observed the same behaviour?
  • Did you try powering the board through external power supply? If so, how and through which pins you powered the board?