how to retrieve data on the fuel level sensor, which uses RS485

Sir, I have difficulty retrieving data from sensors using rs485 communication. does it have a coding example that I can try?


You need an RS-485 adapter and connect it to a Serial RX/TX port. Then find out the right baudrate and use the Serial device in code as usual.

Do you have sample code?

Does the sensor data sheet or manual have information about communication?

no sir. but in the description using rs485. Can this sensor be used for Arduino?

Do you first have to send a message asking for the fuel level?


Can this sensor be used for Arduino?

Probably, but you will need to know the communication protocol and speed.

If the sensor outputs data periodically and automatically (like a GPS) then you might read the data and figure a way to decipher it.

If it takes commands from a master (the Arduino) to get it to send data, then you will need to find out the syntax for those commands. I have searched for information on the communication with those level sensors and did not have much luck. You may have to contact the manufacturer.

Thank you very much sir @groundFungus

Sir, are there any such sensor suggestions that support Arduino?

sir, does the code retrieve data regularly and automatically also the same if you use the rs485 module?

I tracked down the fuel level sensor. It is made by a company in Turkey called "North Falcon". The Delphi name is because Delphi sells it. The document I found states: "Proprietary serial data protocol". So, you need to contact the company for any information on the protocol.