How to save pictures from a camera to an SD card

I am new to electronics and I need help in storing picture on a memory card.
I have a CMOS camera from sparkfun, an sd card (will buy a shield) and an arduino micro.
I wanted to know if there was a tutorial or an open source code somewhere that could take pictures from the camera and put them on the SD card.
Camera: CMOS Camera - 640x480 - SEN-08667 - SparkFun Electronics

Single 640x480x2bytes picture from that camera is 614kB worth of data. With uno you may store 200-300kB/sec on the sd card provided there is no sdcard write latency. The write latency is usually 20-100ms. So most probably you will need an external sram buffer. Search for similar OV7670 topic here..

Yes that is correct. I used SPI ram to take a 640x480 image and save it to an sd card read OV7670 with both arduino uno and now mega - Sensors - Arduino Forum
Or you could buy an ov7670 with fifo. That is even better that SPI. Also though I have made recent progress with the MT9D111 it supports jpeg you can get it to output a 1600x1200 jpeg image that takes about 60kb. Also if you do end up with a cmos sensor capable of only uncompressed output it is better that you store the raw bayer data. Instead of 640x480x2 (yuv422 or rgb565) it is only 640x480 bytes or if it has 10bit output and you use that it would still be only 640x480x10/8 bytes which is still smaller and it is higher quality.