How to select the correct arduino board for the stem project

We have a project where we need to control the motion of 6 different stepper motors. Each motor will need to be controlled with respect to (left or right turn, faster or slower revolutions, and on or off), We also need wireless capabilities, remote control, gps
coordination. The robot will work with DC lithium power supply. we also need a LCD display of the the functioning of all six motors, including the gps location of the robot, we need sensors to indicate motor speed, motor functioning, fire hazard sensors, power supply duration and capacity. We need you to help us choose the correct Arduino board

Does Wireless capabilities mean wifi, Bluetooth, IR, any other type of radio? If wifi or BT an ESP32 or suitable arduino MKR would be interesting.

For the steppers you’ll likely use stepper drivers, so not specifically a constraint on the arduino itself.

For GPS and not loose debugging capabilities, it would probably be good to have a second hardware serial port. (Esp32, arduino mega, * Arduino Zero, MKRZero or MKR1000 Board and similar for SAMD based boards)

GPS can give an indication of speed over ground and if you have wheels you can instrument those as well.

LCD is easy, just get an I2C based one to minimize number of wires needed (character based 1602 or 2004 are frequent and cheap)

Power needs will need to be carefully studied .

Put a schematic together, from that you can determine what type of I/O you need. That will go a long way in determining which arduino you can use. Some will not have enough I/O, others will have to much. Error on the to much side for the first pass, it will not hurt you. Do not be surprised if you find many that will work.