How to Use a Single Half-Bridge Micro Load Cell for Weighing

Could anybody please tell me how to use a Single Half-Bridge Micro Load Cell along with an Hx711 module, Arduino Nano to make a weighing scale?

I’ve attached the kind of load cell I’m using in the attachments.

Thank you.

Load Cell.jpg

Why? Did you buy four and break the other three? It’s like building a single-wheel bicycle: yes it rolls but it’s not very good.

I'm trying to make a small kitchen scale. I'm using only one to minimize the cost (I plan to make a business out of it later). I learnt from somewhere on the internet that a half-bridge cell can be completed to make a wheatstone bridge using two discrete 1k ohm resistors. But this method doesn't seem to be working.

I know the code works as I tried it using a full-bridge load cell and it gave some outputs.