How to Use Arduino to Make Custom Tail lights

Hi everyone, so, I'm a total noob with arduino and I was hoping you guys could give me some guidance on how to do this project.

I've done a little bit of research and know I have to create a LED matrix in order to do it. But, that's about all I know.

Some questions I have would be on how to make it so the Arduino can differentiate between, braking, and signaling, and just having tail lights on at night. As well as how to make sure the two tail lights are displaying the same thing on both sides.

I'd also like to make some sort of sequences on the tail lights

Video for reference.

And then you want to use your DIY taillights in real traffic? You sure your DIY animations are even road legal?

Please let me know where you use that car most. Then I can add it to my list of places to avoid.

It's fun but please check out your local laws. That kind of stuff can get your car impounded instantly in many places.

I would not use a matrix at all. use Neopixels or some other type of addressable LED. Then you just need one data line to the Arduino and power for the LEDs.

Obviously the animations would be for show and not for actual, traffic use, the only animation that would be for traffic use would be on the blinkers for a chaser sort of animation.

So if I could also have help with implementing a controller to control a "show mode" to be turned on and off.


Do you have anything done already? That’s a pretty empty bump there.