How to use ATMEL STUDIO 7 to program arduino in C language

Goodmorning everyone,
as perhaps many of you know there is an alternative IDE for arduino programming which is ATMEL STUDIO 7, which by adding an appropriate extension (see attachment 2.png) allows programming in arduino language wiring (see attachment 1.png) and everything works fine.
The issues, I hope someone answers, and I want to solve are these:
can you use the VISUAL STUDIO 7 IDE and program arduino and load the program on the arduino board by writing in C?
If so, how do you do it?
I tried and starting a new project in c (see attachment 3.png) and following the wizard I finally can compile but I can not load on the card what I’ve compiled because the loading buttons remain gray and not clikable ( see attachment 4.png), if the main menu of the IDE attempts to make DEBUG / START DEBUGGING AND BREAK drops out the visible screen in the attached file 5.png where I am invited to choose the correct tool and then try again to continue and try to choose from the proposed tools that are: “Simulator, STK500, STK500, Custom Programming Tool” but whatever choice does nothing works, I note that when the loading operation is fine, that is when I write in wiring through the arduino extension in the IDE does not select any tools.
Anyone gently could you help me?

ok, I found solution here, it works well: Programming Arduino with Atmel Studio 7 | Slightly Overcomplicated