How to use Eclipse/Java as i want?


I would like to develop Java programs under Eclipse. So I followed this tutorial to set my IDE.

Everything works, but not like I want.

If I understand, for:

  • create a Java program that communicate with Arduino I must just use the RXTX library
  • create a Java/??Arduino program to control my card, I must use Firmata/Processing

Me, I just want to write, compile and upload a Arduino program (so .pde) to my Arduino card from Eclipse. So without use Arduino IDE. And after, creating classic Java/Swing program using RXTX library.

Is it possible? If so, you have some ideas/tracks for me?

Thank you so much for your help.

PS: Sorry for my poor level of English

i’m a newbie here, and i want to do exactly same thing like you
i look around and i find this:
maybe better choice like the rxtx.


Thank you for that link very interesting.

What I look for is rather a plugin that would replace the Arduino IDE.

Plain java Firmata fork: Please, check it.