How to use external power for this proto shield

I currently own this proto shield ( for my arduino uno. I wanted to use all the 5v pins for connecting servo motors but I'm unsure how to connect an external power supply to something like this. Thanks

Don't power motors that way. Connect the motors directly to the power supply. Else You might destroy the tiny copper lines in the board.

Sorry for the potentially dumb question but how would I go about connecting multiple motors to the same power supply?

Create a motor power 5 volt rail on the shield. Connect the power supply to that rail. Eventually let the controller use the same 5 volt. If electrical noise show up, use a separate supply for the controller.

Sorry If I'm misinterpreting what your saying but should I connect the power supply to one of the 5v pins already on the proto shield? Or are is a 5v rail something else?

Do not connect to any 5 volt pin. Connect motors and motor power supply first.

Ok but I just don't understand what you mean by "Create a motor power 5 volt rail on the shield". Is this some kind of component that I'd need to get?

Yes. The current from power supply to motors is to much for the tiny board wires. Therefore, make an extra, stronger, 5 volt motor power line.

Could you recommend anything I would need to buy to get a "5v motor power line"?

I use a solder iron soldering the motor cables to the small protoboard 3 hole pads. Then use a naked little copper string and solder all together.

The conventional way is to use a terminal strip, crimped wires in terminal lugs. You can buy flat jumpers for those, to connect adjacent terminals together. Not on the shield.

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