How to use MIDI via USB with Nano Every?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a USB powered MIDI controller, which is 99% complete. I am using an arduino Nano Every due to many restrictions the other chips have compared to this beauty.
My controller has 3 liniar faders and an Ultrasonic Sensor with which I can control different CC Channels. After months of tinkering I have it all working exactly like it should for which I am very proud of.

The last step that needs solving is turning my device into a natively recognized USB Midi device (similar to a mouse or keyboard) which is an incredibly crucial step for me.

Until this point in time, I have been using the hairless midi bridge to convert my serial port data into usable midi information for my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to understand (Ableton Live). This however is no longer an option, especially as I want to start selling these devices to friends and using plugins or other software hacks is not an option.

I noticed that there are USBMIDI libraries that seem to be the perfect solution, however they do not seem to work with the Nano Every.

This is my first Arduino project and I have received a bunch of help from my dad, but I can't seem to find ANY useful information on turning specifically the Nano Every board into a natively recognizable USB device.

Can anyone please help me with what steps need to be made? You would be a serious life saver.