How to use NodeMCU GPIO 10,9,8,11,7,6 for relay and switch

Hello noobs and experties

I have been trying to figure out to control 3lamp and window curtain.
Followed L293D tutorial, photointerrupter, phone controlled smart lamp with feed back also IFTT, ect
As noob, It took me spend a year.
Now I can open/close my curtain, control room light but problem is they are controlled by diffrent sketchs.
I tried to control by one sketch and it is working when I used only one switch and relay,
But my plan is to control 3 light. So I need additionally more 4 GPIO pin.
I found this NodeMCU pinout But I did not find any useful tutorials.
Actually I found but It needs one IC Chip that can gave me more 6 pin.
But I believe there is a way to make it happen. Like A0 for 3 switch input or something like that.

Is it possible to use GPIO 10,9,8,11,7,6 for general purpose
Please give me your advise and useful link.

Waiting for your replay and staring at this post

Schematic, please. We can't help you if you don't show your problem. And PLEASE- No Fritzing Pictures.