How to use the JSN - SR04T ultrasonic sensor as transmitter and receiver

Hi everyone, I'm trying to make an Ultrasonic Anemometer using JSN - SR04T sensor.

I need to use a sensor for transmitting the signal and another sensor in the front to receive the signal and measure the ToF, can someone help me with this task or give me information about that?

Very, Very thanks !!

How will a distance measuring sensor work in your project?

A few people have made ultrasonic anemometers, and they turn out to be challenging projects. See for example this summary, which has links to a detailed progress report.

People have also tried, with various levels of success, to use two HC-SR04's to measure separation. You can remove the receiver from one board and the transmitter from the other, then trigger them in parallel.

The sensor I'm using is this JSN SR04T Waterproof

The JSN SR04T works exactly equal to the HC SR04 but the principal difference is that only has one transducer that does both works as transmitter and receiver.

I'm using two JSN SR04T with the porpose that the sensor A transmite the signals ant the sensor B in front of that receive the signal and measure the ToF.

Using the HC SR04 it's not good for my work because I need a water proof system.

Thanks at all for your answers.

You clearly don't understand ultrasonic sensing, as used in anemometers and water flow-sensors. Basically this is fluid velocimetry using the speed of sound measured in both directions.

I think for accuracy you need phase measurement, not time-of-flight, though.

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