Using 2 ultrasonic distance sensors together

Hello, I plan to position two ultrasonic distance sensors(4 pin type, like the HC-SR04) in front of each other at a known distance, send a pulse from both sensors at the exact same time and measure the time (Or distance and divide by the speed of sound) it took for the pulse to get to the other sensor. Is it possible? Would the sensors be able to pick the pulse from the sensor in front of them? (Sensor A picks sensor B's pulse, and sensor B picks sensor A's pulse) If not, would it be possible to use one sensor as just a transmitter and another as just a receiver?

The idea behind this is to build an ultrasonic anemometer (Measure wind speed) using four sensors.

Yes, I think it should be possible. However, I think you may find it difficult to get sufficient resolution that way. If I were doing this, I think I would use one transmit and one receive sensor, transmit a continuous 40kHz signal, and measure the phase shift between the transmitted and received signal. You can use one of the Arduino timers to generate the 40kHz signal, and for short ranges, you can drive the transducer from one or two output pins with just a series inductor.

You can visit this website for further information about using multiple Ultrasonic.

Hello every body! Yes it's possible: