How to wire a CNC

Hi All, I have just built a cnc machine, for me that was the easy part however, I have 12v DC supply unit, 4 Nema 23 steppers with 4 TB6600 drivers, I also have the Uno board with a cnc shield, I also have homing switches to fit on each axis (the electrics not so easy!!

I have been reading posts and looking at videos for a week and I am still not confident that I can undertake the electrical install without messing up therefore, does anyone have or aware of a wiring configuration /schematic for the above.

Thanks in advance.

Does this help?

What controller firmware are you planning to use?

Grbl is only good for 3 steppers (the 4th is a clone and not independently controllable with grbl).

You could use the CNC shield with the TB6600 drivers but they, of course, can't plug into the shield. You will have to wire from the headers on the shield. My opinion is that it would not really be worth it.

Start small and get each component working on the bench. Understand how it works, and then piece together.

Its hard to start off with electronics going for home with a 3 axis CNC

Hi, thanks for your response, I will be using grbl, my main concern is that I can only see on the cnc shield connections for the 3 TB6600 drivers, XYZ . As I am using two steppers on the Y axis where or can I connect the 2nd driver for that stepper or do I wire them together from the one driver?
Or, do I do away withe the cnc shield all together and connect straight to the UNO .
Thanks in advance,

The CNC shield has positions for 4 stepper drivers. To clone a driver (2 drivers for one axis) for Y axis, you connect the headers on the clone headers as shown below.

If you jumper the headers as shown in the photo the drivers connected to the headers marked Y and A (red) will respond commands to the Y axis.

Thank you so much, this is certainly a learning curve for me! ….so if I jump the wires as suggested, can I also use the A.STEP/DIR pins on the left hand side of the board just above the 5V/GND pins as this is where the other TB6600 drivers are being connected?

Yes, that is right, the headers below the reset button. The A pins will control the cloned stepper (other Y).

Great stuff, where would we be without forum's.

Thank you.

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