How to wire Arduino to driver when using AccelStepper Library?

Hi I am trying to get a nema stepper to run. I can run it using mach 3 and a PC but having trouble to operate it using Arduino. I do think the wiring is the isse as it does tuyrn but makes jerky moves and sounds. The Driver board has Pins CP+/CP-/CW+/CW-/EN+/EN-

I think AccelStepper Library defaults to pin 2/3/4/5 - Does anyone have an idea on what the proper order of the wires from Arduino to Driver would be ?


Maybe if we knew what driver that you have we could offer intelligent help. A data sheet would help us to help you.

That looks like the pins for a step/dir type driver with enable. That would be the DRIVER option in the constructor along with the step and dir pins that you want to use (any digital pins).
The constructor for a step/dir motor:

AccelStepper stepper(AccelStepper::DRIVER, stepPin, dirPin);

My wild ass guess is that CP is step, CW is dir and en is enable, but that is a guess. Usually the + sides are tied to Vcc and the - sides go to digital outputs of the controlling processor. Sometimes resistors are required. Again, in the absents of a data sheet, that is guesswork.