HTTP request


I would like to solve a data application with http:/ (sorry, but it is a little bit new-land for me)

at now I have build-up a weather-station with 7 sensors, ArduinoMEGA system and connected to the weathercloud
(see Phaselis - Weathercloud)

the WeatherStation is a dhcp client with fix ip-address in my network. the data sends with a call

client.connect(server , 80);
client.print("GET /set/wid/…….…/key/……..…“);
client.print(“/item/“); client.print(value);
all of totally 13 data values, would sending every 5 seconds

now my idea:

server_2 ist the Raspi PI with NodeRed (ip
client.connect (server_2, 80)

to fetch all “client.print(…)“ for showing all value on the dashboard and may store in mySQL

but now I’m missing the „kick off“ to find the way provide this http-request

Sending data (as a web client ) from your Mega to weathercloud works OK.
Now you want somehow to get the same data onto a Raspberry Pi and possibly copy in into an SQL data base.
Is that it ?

You could run a web server with PHP and MySql on the Pi to catch the data sent by the Mega say after it has sent the data to weathercloud.