HTTPS library for Arduino

Hi all, can you recommend me a general library which I can use with Arduino to make Https requests(get,post) to secured API. My usecase will be sending mostly authorized post requests to API with some simple data along with API key or token in the request header to identify device
This is an example of the data I'm going to send as JSON:
"temp": 20,
"blvl": 50

what Arduino board and what networking shield?

Arduino Uno and Botletic Sim7000 shield Botletics™ SIM7000 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT + GPS Shield Kit — Botletics

does the LTE module support secure connection? is there an arduino networking library for the module? (TinyGSM maybe)

Well, I'm not sure but thanks for your reply and after some googling I found this: ESP32 SIM800L: Publish Data to Cloud without Wi-Fi | Random Nerd Tutorials
I think it might work because as far as saw, I can do http post with API key which is my goal. Actually my final goal is to create a small .net core API which can receive data from sensor but only if controller is registered with key or token before that(security/identity) and after that this data can be consumed through API from another client-an app or something.
Unfortunately I buy all of my gear from China because its much cheaper for me but shipping takes quite a long time, so I have to wait for some of the parts I've ordered to arrive in order to build, test and debug.

The UNO processor is too weak to perform the necessary encryption algorithms to use https.

I have a friend who managed to get HTTPS working on a Mega with a networking shield (can't remember which one excactly). That processor is just as weak.

but in this case the LTE module can have AT commands for secure HTTP

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