huzzah esp8266 breakout with wifi proto?

i was going to purchase the standard arduino wifi 101 shield but found i had these two products laying around, the adafruit huzzah esp8266 breakout board and a Gheo Electronics Arduino Proto Shield Rev. 3 with xbee, and i was wondering if i could use the huzzah in the xbee spot on the wifi proto shield?
on this:

You can't fit it in the XBee spot.

XBee uses the stupid 2mm spacing on the pins, instead of 0.1" like everything else is, so you can't use normal prototyping board with it. That's why you see so many prototyping boards with XBee sockets on them - you need the socket because no general purpose prototyping board works with it!

You can use the Huzzah with 0.1"-spacing prototyping board or prototyping shields, though - it has normal 0.1" spacing. There are many other breakout boards for ESP8266's available, as well, which may be cheaper and just as suitable.

For future reference, a topic like this should have gone in project guidance or maybe general electronics. Not installation and troubleshooting - your post has nothing to do with either of those.

thank you for the information, and i apologise for it being in the wrong spot, it was the first topic that seemed to apply at the moment when i was searching, but will look further next time.
as for the project, i decided to just use a breadboard for it for the time being and see what comes along later untill i get the arduino wifi 101 shield.