HV (High Voltage) Programming


I have had a bit of a search, but so far I cant find a High Voltage Programmer for AVR's, that is ideally USB interfaced.
Does anyone know of a good one?

From time to time I stuff up fuse bits or do something stupid, which is where a HV Programmer would be brilliant so I can recover the processor.

I have seen one that is specifically for DIP28's etc, however I want one with a standard ISP plug, so I can program 2560's etc.

Do these exist?

Actually just came across 2 not bad links, but still not ideally what I am after but they fix fuse bits, and could be easy to build/customize.




How bout in shield form?

Requires a functional Arduino of course.

I've never used it. It looks nice though.

"The HV Rescue Shield 2 is a high voltage parallel mode fuse programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers."

Yep that is the one I was referring to in the first post.
Still, very nice though.

The STK500 does HV programming, RS232 though and as I just found out doesn't directly support the Tiny84.

I've used it with 861s and 85s before though.


I want one with a standard ISP plug

You realize that for most of the AVR devices, "High voltage programming" is a parallel-mode thing for which the "standard ISP plug" is quite useless? Only a small number of devices support a high-voltage serial programming mode (mostly the low-pin-count chips where it is common/necessary to disable the normal "reset" pin.)

Yeah the more I am reading the more I am finding out what I am wanting isnt actually possible.

Oh well, now its documented in the forum :slight_smile:

In my "industrial Mega" design I allowed for the appropriate pins to be accessible and also to isolate the RST line so the 12v wouldn't kill anything.

I'd have to bodge up an adaptor with a few wires but at least HV programming would be doable with the chip in circuit.


I was going to suggest a debugWIRE programmer but they are somewhat expensive (~$130 $60 - the AVR Dragon supports debugWIRE) and I don't think debugWIRE can be used to reset fuses (but, apparently, the Dragon can also do high-voltage programming).