HXD8357D 3.5" touch screen SPI libraries?

Hey All,

I’m guessing I should have looked a little harder and probably dropped the ball on this one… I wanted to use a 3.5" touch screen for my lighting project… I picked one up from AdafruitPinout

I wanted to use SPI since I’m just using it for some buttons and menus, nothing overly fancy. I’m having a hard time finding library for it… I think I’ve found a one or two for 8 bit, but that’s more wiring than I really wanted to use. Is there anything out there for this that uses SPI? Are there better options? Am I able to use UTFT or URTouch? Is the ili9481 compatible with the HXD8357D?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Surely Adafruit provides an SPI library. Make the solder-bridge on the pcb to select SPI interface.

It looks as if you have only got a bare resistive panel without a Touch chip.
Adafruit provides a TouchScreen.h library for a bare panel.

UTFT does not support HX8357-D with SPI.
It is easy enough to modify/hack if that is what you want to do.
URTouch.h does not support bare Touch panels.
You could buy a XPT2046 chip. Possibly from Adafruit.

Why do you want to use UTFT or URTouch ?


Hey David,

They do provide some libraries. I was looking to create a gui to control LED lights. There's a couple a libraries I've found, Awind and tft-extension, that have buttons and window control. I was hoping to save some time and effort from having try and code everything from scratch....

If I just use the 8 bit processing, would it work then? Was this a bad choice in screens, is there a better alternative?

I am sure that your display will be fine. It seems unfortunate that it does not come with an XPT2046 Touch controller. In which case you could control everything with SPI.

I do not have your screen. I suggest that you just use the Adafruit library and examples.
Your application should build and run very easily with any other Adafruit_GFX style sketch.