Hydraulic pressure sensor

Hello all,

Many thanks for reading my post in advance. My name is Floris, and my partner in crime, Nico. We are both students at Vives Kortrijk (Belgium). For our final project, we need to make a data-logger to make a active suspension. This data logger will use up to 12 hydraulic pressure sensors from 0 - 250 bar. It isn't a problem to find sensors working on the right voltage, because we are able to connect those to the battery of the agricultural vehicle (self propelled sprayer). By doing so, we only need to power the module itself, and put the wire witch generates the measurement signal. The problem is, what type of sensor do we need exactly. Sensors with two wires exist, three wires (power, ground, signal) or sensors with 4 wires. The second part of our problem is the output of the sensor. Does it need to be a voltage, or a current in mA (0-20mA or 4-20mA)?

Just to be sure, the modules need to be powered with a DC current, right? Again, many thanks!

Greetings, Floris

There are different ways to read different types of sensor outputs, so it doesn't matter much what you choose.

A sensor that outputs 0-5V is easiest to use and does not require any external circuitry for input to an Arduino. Just about any other type will require additional circuitry; sometimes just a resistor or two.