I bot it cause it said OTA uploads.

Does it work yet?

Hello, I am also very interested in programming over OTA on Uno Wifi Rev2. Does anybody know when the OTA programming will work ?
Thanks a lot.

Me too, but it doesn’t look like there is a way?

I think this is not very professional, to sell a product with certain features and then not deliver. 80 euros down the drain I guess, some would call that fraud. If I pull a stunt like that I am looking at a product recall and all sorts of headache, but I guess if Arduino does it everyone just goes “that’s cute”.

Anyway, is there any other option to get OTA programming?
I’m talking about a tried and tested way that someone is actually using, comes with a working example, and doesn’t take days of tinkering. Maybe the Arduino MKR WIFI 1010?

I guess I will be looking at “OTA WeMos D1 CH340 WiFi Arduino UNO R3 Development Board ESP8266 ESP-12E” from China next. I always buy original Arduinos, to avoid hassle, but this has taught me differnet. At least with this I know I get junk, but no great loss.

Where did you see the claim of OTA uploads? Is the claim still there, or has it been fixed since the time you saw it? I looked on the product page and getting started page for the UNO WiFi Rev2 and didn't find any mention of OTA.

From this thread:

It sounds like maybe there was a mention of it on the Getting Started page, but that was removed some time before 2018-11-04.

It also seems there may be some confusion between the Uno WiFi (which does advertise OTA on its product page and getting started page) and the Uno WiFi Rev2 (which does not currently advertise OTA).

It also sounds like maybe some resellers are advertising it as having OTA capability, though nobody has provided a link to one of those product listings.

Still there as of today.

The Wi-Fi Module is a self-contained SoC with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can provide access to a Wi-Fi network, or act as an access point. It supports OTA (over-the-air) programming, either for transfer of Arduino sketches or Wi-Fi firmware.

Yes, there, thank you.

Still there as of today.


Also I have to say almost every distributor still advertises OTA. While this is not the fault of Arduino, when they discovered they can not provide OTA a clear and obvious warning on their product page would avoid disgruntled customers like myself. It took me quite some time to be confident there is no OTA programming, the information is very much lacking.

Thanks for the link. I wouldn't have thought to look for a product description on Arduino Project Hub. I have submitted an issue report for that page, as well as a list of the Uno WiFi Rev2 product listings of Arduino's official distributors:

hello, any news on the OTA on Uno Wifi Rev2 ? what is the reason this is not implemented with this product ?

hello, any news on the OTA on Uno Wifi Rev2 ? what is the reason this is not implemented with this product ?

I've also been waiting and hoping for this to be added officially by Arduino. It would definitely bring a MAJOR boost to the Arduino UNO WiFi rev2 board sales, if it's ever implemented! I suppose there is not much interest from developers to invest their time and effort into adding OTA to this board as it didn't sell a lot compared to other Arduino boards. Maybe with time, this feature will be ported to the UNO WiFi rev2 from the more popular newer boards, like the Nano 33 IoT which has unofficial OTA support: GitHub - jandrassy/ArduinoOTA: Arduino library to upload sketch over network to Arduino board with WiFi or Ethernet libraries

I think this is in the works: