I burnt my Arduino :(

So bad news…I burnt my Arduino Nano today from the USB :confused: :frowning:

I saw that a diode is dead but I don’t know it’s name…May someone, please, help me :frowning:

Here is a picture of the arduino :slight_smile:

That's the diode in series with the power supply (it's a nano clone btw, not an official nano - that's a CH340G not an FT232RL; not that it matters - I use clones exclusively, because I vowed to never again use a product from FTDI after FTDI-gate forced me to drop everything and, working by flashlight, swap out the serial adapter in the controller for my room lights).

It's a schottky diode in... whatever size that is; it looks like SOD-123 to me; IIRC they're rated for 500mA; any 500mA schottky diode in SOD-123 package will work. Can buy em from digikey, or just pull it off the board and hack-job a through-hole schottky diode in it's place. If you do that, you must hotglue the diode in place - if it got ripped off in handling, it would pull the pads up with it, making future repairs impossible.

The fact that it failed like that was probably due to you shorting power on the nano and your computer not adhering to the USB standard w/regards to current limiting on USB ports. Spec says

Yea, it was a short circuit :confused:, but was my fault :confused: not the USB