I can’t connect my elegooMEGA2560R3 to my iPad pro

I need help. I have already bought a USB adapter so the arduino’s plugin goes on the iPad. Please, i need help. This is for my science fair project.

hi @JosiahM

I'm sorry I have to give you some bad news, but iPad does not support Serial over USB (over USB-C).
Apple keeps their devices' capabilities very locked down.

If you need to interface an Arduino board I'd suggest you use one of the new Nano 33 IoT or a MKR.
These boards can act like a USB HID (Human Interface Device) and can be configured to be MIDI, Keyboard, Mouse or other HID devices.

This will also work with an Arduino Micro or Leonardo.

Once the device is configured and connected you can use any app on the iPad (for instance you could make a website) and get it to be controlled by the Arduino.
You can for instance simulate the pressing of a keyboard button (or combination) to interact with an App on the device.

This is the starting point, hope it helps you dive into it and get your project running.

Keep in mind that you cannot use an iPad to program an Arduino because of the above mentioned reasons, and even using Arduino Create's web editor there is no plugin (Arduino Create Agent) for iPad or Android devices, but only for Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.

Good luck :slight_smile: