I can't combine leds and ultrasonic sensor

I wrote the entire code correctly but the last part give me some problems, the idea was to turn on led 13 and others turn off if distance is more than 30 cm. if the distance is less than 10 cm the led 9 turn on e others turn off. this part works but i can't make the led 11 turn on and others turn off when the distance is between 10 and 30 cm. Can someone explaine me how can do this?

Please post code, not pictures of code.

sorry i dont know how to post it in other ways

const int trigger=2;

const int echo=4;

void setup() {








void loop() {





long durata = pulseIn(echo,HIGH);

long distanza = 0.034 * durata / 2;




if( distanza > 30) digitalWrite(13,HIGH); 

if( 10 < distanza < 30 ) digitalWrite(11,HIGH);

if(distanza < 10) digitalWrite(9,HIGH);


This doesn't do what you think

if (10 < distanza && distanza < 30)

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thanks a lot, im a newbie so I have to learn the basics

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