I can't create binary files

I'm working in an application that use OTA updating.
To do so, i must upload a binary file (.hex) but unfortunately the arduino IDE is not generating such file.

The IDE compiles but at the end, nothing is done (no files are generated).

The reality is ALL files are binary. HEX is a display option for easier human readability. Just because the extension is .HEX does not change the reality.

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Hi @carllosedward

Please tell us the exact procedure you are using to attempt to generate the binary. We need to know which version of the Arduino IDE you are using and board you are compiling for.

Please tell us exactly where you are expecting to find them at.

Hi Pert!

The arduino version is 1.8.13.

As far as i know, when you generate the sketch in binary compilation, two files are generated in the same directory where the .ino fil is stored in.

I followed the same procedure of the videos in YouTube but not reaching the same results.

The board is an ESP32 but i guess that the issue is related with the IDE once the board is working accordingly

I think that is not correct. Enable verbose mode during compilation in file -> preferences in the IDE and check the output; I expect it to refer to a temporary directory.

This is a very vague statement. Do you mean the Arduino IDE's Sketch > Export Compiled Binary feature?

One of those files is the version with the bootloader, which I don't think is really relevant in the case of the ESP32. However, you will get one binary file. It is a .bin file, not a .hex file. The file type depends on the board you are compiling for. The tutorials you are following that made you expect two .hex files were written for the AVR-based Arduino boards. The situation is different with the ESP32.

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