I do not know how to merge the two code

How do I put my data uploaded from the arduin yun google spreadsheet, and send a warning letter, when I Data certain value, it will send a letter to the back I know google verification changed, so to access the data uploaded from licensing, but it will then send a letter when the account password to a conflict, I can do apart, that I opened two code, with two boards to write two programs, one is to upload my the measured data to google spreadsheet, one is to send a letter of warning letters when the data value, but the party often inconvenient, I hope I can merge the two together, thank you, I am very anxious, !! !

Your description is very confusing. Try explaining what you want more clearly.

This simple merge code demo may give you some ideas.


@oxdog, I read your letter. Your words confused - i think, because you are anxious.

I think do one thing, then fix next

I have questions.

  • Is code from Yun to Google Spreadsheet working?
  • If not, do you think Google change broke your code?
  • Is so, you do want to fix this first?