I need a 1000ms momentary when voltage is high, then again when low

I need a 1000ms momentary when voltage is high, then again when low.

I have a small form desktop in my vehicle running gnome 41, main os is for media etc, then I have a qemu/kvm running windows 10 for my auto tuning software, for small on the fly edits and data logging.

It starts fast, I would just prefer for it to sleep, then wake. I have isolated the pins. I have stacked 2 frm01's that are currently accomplishing this, I would just rather it be done from this arduino nano.

Thanks in advance, sorry for being a rookie, this is my first arduino



you mean something like this?

if (waitingForHigh && digitalRead(inputPin) == HIGH) {
  digitalWrite(outputPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(outputPin, LOW);
  waitingForHigh = false;

if (! waitingForHigh && digitalRead(inputPin) == LOW) {
  digitalWrite(outputPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(outputPin, LOW);
  waitingForHigh = true;

How high is the "high" voltage signal and what do you mean by "a 1000ms momentary" ? Do you mean that a relay contacts should be closed for 1 second, for example ?

A 1000ms what? :expressionless:

Srsly, draw a schematic of how it's hooked up to whatever now.

What is high and low in your book as far as the voltages are concerned? How fast does the signal change and where is it coming from?

What pins on what have been isolated from what? I assume you mean you can get something like what you want to have happen automatic by using thees pins somehow.

You don't need to write a book, but the sooner you share as much info as you can spare the sooner you can get some eyes on it.

The less we have to assume, the more likely our answers are to be helpful.


The multifunctional relay control module, FRM01, is designed for customers with different timing and
control needs. The FRM01 is controlled by a micro controller. There are 18 functions available. Each
function can be customized to meet the customer’s needs. The FRM01 is equipped with a high quality
power relay, a high power voltage transistor, red and blue indicator LED’s, a LED display all on a double
sided PCB board. The FRM01 can be used in a variety of timing and power control applications.

If done with an Arduino, you will still require a relay (physical or solid-state) to wake the notebook unless the wake-up is a low-current, low-voltage signal: <= 5V and <= 20mA.

What is to be gained, what is your expectations)?


Sorry, I need to provide a 1000ms contact closure, so that 1000ms will need to send 5v to the in pin of my relay

I am going to load this now and verify it

Yes sir, it is in place. The nano is simply activating a relay for the 1000ms when the ignition is turned on, then again when it is off. Then in turn, the relay will provide a momentary dry contact to my pc.

it requires a bit of adaptation to your environment of course

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