I need to add a small aerial to my Bluetooth module from China

Hi all

I have a cheap bluetooth module that I bought from China on Deal Extreme.


Now it comes with a small track at one end of the PCB that is an aerial.

My problem is that I am wanting to use this module to measure my power usage so it must go in the cabinet with the power meter. The power meter is on the outside of the house in a metal unit.

So I need an aerial to pass the bluetooth signal to my PC to capture data.

Does anyone know how to create a simple external aerial for a device like this?

I tried putting a 20cm peice of wire onto the aerial on the PCB but then the device was not detected at all - so I need to understand how I can proceed.

Any help is really appreciated


Perhaps you can put the whole bluetooth module outside the enclosure and use a cable to connect it to the Arduino.